The Nicolaus Copernicus University European Digital Innovation Hub


Objectives and activities 

The aim of the FinTech Copernicus Hub (FTCH) project is to develop a strong centre of competencies in the use of digital technologies in finance (FinTech), acting to support the digital transformation of enterprises through services such as: training and skills building, enabling testing before investing, support in finding sources of investment financing, facilitating access to innovation ecosystems within the cooperation network of EDIHs.

FTCH’s activities as an EDIH are a continuation and further development of the Centre for Digital Economy and Finance at Nicolaus Copernicus University (CDEF NCU) in Toruń, which is a leading FinTech research, development and education centre in CEE. The main aim is to increase the use of the latest digital technologies by SMEs and the public sector, including:
• Data Mining (DM),
• Machine Learning (ML),
• Cloud computing,
• Optical Character Recognition (OCR),
• Biometrics & Blockchain, with a focus on cyber security.

The FinTech Copernicus Hub  will enable to bridge the digital divide and raise the level of economic efficiency in businesses. The concept of FTCH is a direct response of NCU to the need to shape the digital future of Europe, contained in the 'Digital Europe' programme, which includes, among other things, increasing the capacity of selected centres to carry out activities to create European added value through the transfer of specialist knowledge to develop advanced digital skills and enable the testing of new digital technologies.

The FinTech Copernicus Hub (FTCH) project pursues the main objectives of the Digital Europe Programme: to support and accelerate the digital transformation of the European economy, industry and society, and to improve Europe’s competitiveness, by specialising in the application of FinTech.

FTCH aims to fully exploit the potential of open banking created in the EU through the PSD2 regulation. 

Scope of support

FTCH guarantees to achieve a significant IMPACT on the digital transformation of SMEs and PSOs through an effective package of complementary support services.

Customer service at FTCH begins with the identification of the customer’s needs as part of the Digital Maturity Assessment.  

Skill creation 

Activities referring to possible FinTech applications and FinTech digital training activities, including the development of digital knowledge and competences both on the side of ICT companies and the recipients/users of new technologies, including:
•provision of high-quality short-term training and courses for the working population, in particular in SMEs and the public sector,
•provision of high-quality postgraduate studies for the staff of SMEs and PSOs, covering education for students and the working population. 

Technology consultancy 

The provision of specialist consultancy based on a detailed analysis of the state of technological readiness, the development of a digital transformation plan, and assistance in the implementation of solutions, which will lead to the achievement of the objectives of the Call Document and the Digital Europe Programme in terms of:
•increased use of the latest digital technologies in PSOs and SMEs,
•effective access to new technologies,
•dissemination of commercial applications, including the development of innovative business models,
•increased data security,
•increased SME market competitiveness. 

Test before invest 

Providing research platforms to test and experiment with digital technologies (software and hardware), together with providing access to expertise, know-how to improve the efficiency of the implementation of new technologies. SMEs and PSOs will be able to test their concepts to determine the feasibility of applying new solutions in their operations before further investments – Proof of Concept (POC); Our services will allow for: the assessment of the technological maturity of tested solutions and preparation of demonstrations for investors, which will boost the effectiveness of implementation of these solutions, including the possibility of attracting commercial investors.

Seeking of funding and the networking of implementing partners 

are a complementary service to the whole FTCH package, but will also be offered to any entity, in particular SMEs and start-ups, organisations and public administrations, that are looking for funding for their digitisation needs in order to become more competitive and improve their business models through the use of new technologies. Therefore, this service also includes: access to financial institutions and investors, supporting the use of InvestEU and other relevant funding mechanisms in close cooperation with the envisaged InvestEU4 Advisory Centre and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), creating an "Ecosystem of Innovation and Networks".

FTCH’s offer is aimed at:




SMEs operating in all sectors
(in and outside finance)



Research and business potential

FTCH’s high readiness is due to the fact that the Project Leader is CDEF NCU, CEE’s leading FinTech research, development and education centre, which has been implementing pan-European projects including PSD2 evaluation for the EC.

Thanks to the personnel potential and infrastructure of the NCU (Top10 Research University in Poland) and the expert resources of the project Partners, including chambers of commerce with a network of thousands of SMEs, reaching customers and achieving FTCH goals will be highly efficient. 

Members of consortium



Faculty of Economic Scences and Management
Gagarina Str. 13a, 87-100 Toruń, Poland 


Assoc. Prof. Michal Polasik
michal.polasik [at]

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